10.06.21 The Everyday Politics of Alternative Housing Projects – register now!

Postponed from the 03.06 to the 10.06

Housing has been configured throughout history as a place where different social orders can be imagined and be put to the test. This is one of the social values of housing: a site where the political imaginary of the possible can be expanded and social changes prefigured. The talk will revolve around how experimental housing models might allow individuals and collectivities to be affected differently; in ways that try to be counter-hegemonic and that can open new horizons into how we think about and inhabit cities.
Our guest and friend Josefina has done years of research and conducted hundreds of interviews with habitants in differents countries and cities, also in Berlin. We are excited to have her with us to present and discuss her research results!
* June 3rd, 2021, 6 AM / 03.06.2021 18 h
* PARTICIPATION FEE: according to self-assessment / guideline is your own average wage for two hours / if you can only give less or nothing, that´s also fine
* REGISTRATION until May 31st via mail an info(at)educat-kollektiv.org
This event is the third date in the monthly “Educat Thementresen”, which is held on the 1st Thursday of the month on various political topics.