06.10.22 ABGESAGT / Thementresen: „Sexual Consent Workshop“ in Berlin


Workshop in English

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to ask for what you want, to express what you don’t want, to know where your limits are, and how you can put all that into words. And it can get even more difficult if there is another person and their wishes and limits are involved.

This workshop aims to guide participants into an initial exploration of those questions. It will provide a basic framework to understand the idea of consent in romantic/sexual settings, carry out practical verbal consent exercises and reflect on our experiences. We want to share tools with you that can enrich shared sexual experiences and encounters by learning how to reach consent together.

The workshop is open for all genders. You can come with or without a friend/partner/date. Some exercises involve light physical contact, if desired. The workshop will be in English. The seminar room is on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible.

When: 06.10.2022, 6-9PM / 18-21 Uhr

Where: Berlin-Neukölln

About the trainers: Lotte (white, bisexual, gender in process afab*) and Hugo ( bipoc, cis male) are in a polyamorous relationship. We started getting in touch with the concept of sexual consent a few years ago and it substantially enriched our (sex) lives. Through our interactions with friends and lovers, we got the impression that consent is a concept that is being talked about a lot nowadays. Still many may find it difficult to turn that conceptual understanding into action and interaction. We are no experts, the idea of this workshop is a guided exploration and exchange.

*afab = assigned female at birth

Participation fee:
The participation fee is based on self-assessment, i.e. you can decide for yourself how much you want to pay. For example, you can use your own hourly wage times three hours as a guideline. If you have little or no money, just let us know by email. You will receive all further information and the exact address after you have transferred the participation fee of your choice.

Registration: here.

This event is part of our series „Educat Thementresen“.


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