The picture shows the Educat Logo, a black cat. Next to it on orange surface, there is written: Magic with Pen and paper?! Visualisation for flipcharts and sketchnotes"

10.12. Magic with pen and paper?! – Visualisation for flipcharts and sketchnotes

  • When: 10th of December 2023 from 11am to 5pm
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • What: Workshop with breaks in English
  • With: Fine / Educat Kollektiv
  • Where: Berlin Neukölln
  • Costs: 40 / 60 / 80 €
  • Registration: You will find a link to our sign in page any time soon. If you want to get on our waiting list in advance, please write to with the title of the Workshop in the E-Mail subject.

The Workshop

Not only visual learners are grateful for visually appealing presentations. With well-designed posters and flipcharts, seminars are more interesting, group results can be presented or recorded in a structured and comprehensible way and the contents are better remembered by the participants. In this seminar, you will learn step by step the basics of symbols, figures, writing, text banners, overall conception and other tips that will enable everyone to accompany content visually with pen and paper – with many practical exercises and examples for inspiration, a few tricks and, above all, time to try it out together!

Who can participate?

This workshop is particularly suitable as further training for people who work in education or otherwise work with groups (e.g. facilitating plenaries). This day is for everyone who simply likes to be creative, and also for those who definitely don’t! Not yet…

How do I register?

The registration runs via our registration mask. A link will appear as soon as the registration is opened. You will be redirected to an external page where you will be asked for some information. Important: The registration is completed as soon as you have transferred your participation fee. For questions about the workshop please contact


If it were up to us, no one would have to pay anything for education. In reality, unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Because we also have to pay rent and have living expenses. That’s why we sometimes ask you to pay a participation fee. We know that people have and can pay different amounts of money.

That’s why we have three price levels:

  • Cheaper for those whose wallets don’t allow for more. If even this price is too much, please contact us.
  • Cost-covering for all for whom it is feasible. If everyone pays this price, the expenses for our work and expenses are covered.
  • Redistribute for all who can give a little more and thus enable a solidary financing concept.

You decide yourself and independently from the rest of the group which price category is best for you and you don’t have to justify it.

Details on barriers and the place

The event will be held in English spoken language. The room in which the workshop takes place is relatively large and accessible with a ramp. The toilet can be reached over a small threshold. It is spacious, but has no grab bars. On the way to the rooms you will encounter cobblestones and curbs.