09.06.2021 – 20.06.2021 Bewerbungsfrist für das Bildungsprogramm Cultures of remembrance

You are doing memorial work or are interested in it? Join our project – CULTURES OF REMEMBRANCE!
Goals of the project:
🌑 critically examine how World War II, National Socialism and the fight against it is remembered in Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia
🌑 develop alternative concepts for commemoration work with young people
🌑 create a media portal that will inform about existing narratives and critical approaches to the history of World War II
The project consists of:
📍two international exchanges in Ukraine (30/08/2021 – 06/09/2021) and Germany (03/2022)
📍an accompanying online program to prepare the media platform
📍creation of a collection of methods to facilitate remembrance work with young people
📍 development of concepts for workshops and youth events at memorial sites
Read more and apply until 20.06 on our website https://cultures-of-remembrance.com/.
Human Constanta
Trava: https://trava.education/
Political Critique: http://politicalcritique.org/
The project is founded by the EVZ Foundation.